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General Purpose Compute Node
Category Hardware
Subcategory Compute Node
Version v1
Name General Purpose Compute Node
Description PnP Innovations, Inc has developed the SPA Computing Node as a fully SPA-S compliant processing element to be used in scalable PnP satellite systems. The node hosts an AiTech S950 PPC750 running VxWorks. The SPA-S interface board provides power, data, and timing in compliance with the SPA-S standard.

The minimum node configuration, hosted in a cPCI chassis, includes one processor and one SPA-S interface board. The enclosure may be configured to include two additional AiTech S990 FLASH memory cards, extending the volatile memory storage capacity of the node to >2 GBytes for the flexible accommodation of applications, telemetry, housekeeping, and sensor data of a variety of missions.
Spec Sheet

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