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cPCI SpaceWire Card
Category Hardware
Subcategory SpaceWire
Version Rev B
Name cPCI SpaceWire Card
Description PnP Innovations, Inc has developed several key avionics components to support spacecraft data communications and simulations. This 3U cPCI board allows for any embedded computer board to become a SpaceWire network entry point. The board features industry proven SpaceWire IP, along with an on-board DMA engine to quickly transfer SpaceWire packets to and from main processor memory. Additionally, the board features a small embedded router, which allows it to respond to interrogation type messages without requiring processor involvement.

In addition to the SpaceWire interface, the board includes RS422 timing pulse circuitry. This allows the board to become time synched with other spacecraft applications.

PnPI has interfaced and tested this board with several 3U cPCI SpaceWire Plug-and-Play Interface Card embedded processors on a variety of projects.
Spec Sheet

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