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CubeSat ASIM (32-bit MicroBlaze)
Category Hardware
Subcategory ASIM (Advanced Sensor Interface Module)
Version Rev B
Name CubeSat ASIM (32-bit MicroBlaze)
Description PnP Innovations has developed several key avionics components to support cubesat Plug and Play One such component is the CubeSat ASIM (Advanced Sensor Interface Module), whose purpose is to facilitate interfacing components to a PnP satellite architecture. The CubeSat ASIM supports interfaces at many levels, including power subsystems, data communications, and timing distribution & synchronization. For a component developer, handling these interfaces can be daunting task. Using an ASIM as the interface component facilitates straight forward integration within a cubesat network. The CubeSat ASIM contains the necessary interfaces to be fully compliant while also providing component side interfaces such as serial ports, digital I/O with RS422 signaling, and other configurable peripherals. With the 32 bit embedded processor, the CubeSat ASIM offers a wide range of interfacing capabilities in a small form factor, low power solution.

See the spec sheet below for detailed specifications
Spec Sheet

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