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SpaceWire Plug-and-play Interface Card
Category Hardware
Subcategory SpaceWire
Version v3
Name SpaceWire Plug-and-play Interface Card
Description PnP Innovations has developed several key avionics components to support spacecraft data communications and simulations. In order to accommodate ground based testing and integration support, a single PCIe based computer board was developed which integrates the three key areas of system design by providing a network entry point for SpaceWire (SpW), Timing Synchronization, and a Test ByPass.

The SpaceWire port provides a standard SpaceWire network connection. Time synchronization provides a method for sending or receiving a 1 to 1000 Hz synchronization pulse which can be coupled into PC based simulations via interrupt. The Test ByPass interface provides 6 channels of high speed asynchronous serial communications.

This board has been utilized by many companies on multiple programs.

Driver Software (32-bit)

Driver Software (64-bit)

PCIe User Guide

RMAP Extension Library User Guide
Spec Sheet

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